Naming sucks.

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Name your baby as soon as possible so you don’t start hating it for not having a name.

The Product we’re building

February 20 0 Comments Category: Tech Immersion

Our web application helps you curate your news. Instead of having to flit around the web—to news sites, blogs, RSS feed readers, Twitter, Facebook, and all the other places you go—all your content will be collected in one place. But it’s not enough just to aggregate. Whether you call it information overlaod or filter failure, […]

The Problem we’re solving

February 20 0 Comments Category: Business

The onslaught of online news can be overwhelming. We aim to corral your online content and give you a better way to curate it. Instead of scanning websites, blogs, Facebook, Twitter, and RSS feeds, we’ll provide tools to help you prioritize your incoming stream — so you can find what’s most important to you.

The Perfect Birth of the Politico Machine

February 16 1 Comment Category: Business, Uncategorized

Although John Harris and Jim VandeHei were obviously gifted with foresight, they were also blessed with some serious luck. In 2006, I don’t think the internet iceberg’s full impact on the advertising-bloated news machine had fully sunk in. In retrospect, their leap of faith into a homemade raft seems like a self-evident pursuit. But even […]