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Another Click in the Wall

March 17 2 Comments Category: Business

The long-anticipated New York Times metered paywall news has some troubling aspects.

Sometimes Goliath wins

March 13 0 Comments Category: Business

Hulu was never an edgy start-up built on love and drive. The comparison to YouTube in the case study points this up. Despite unsexy beginnings to build something “out of frustration that other people were using our video online and creating a business”, Hulu made good. Riding the fence between edgy and market-conscious, they captured […]

First to Market Doesn’t Always Get the Worm

March 06 0 Comments Category: Business

Zinio certainly worked the numbers to figure out exactly how to insert themselves into exactly which market at what time, with what kinds of products and for who as consumers. But their iPad app lags and their website is hosed. Their website! How hard is it for such a mature company to keep at least […]

My response is the best response.

March 03 0 Comments Category: Business

I am laying out a brilliant evidentiary case, the likes of which has never been seen in a WordPress format. Everyone who is reading these words is desperate to hire me and to buy me a fairy unicorn. The rest of my case talks about how my cat’s relationship with my grandfather is indicative of […]

Market Analysis questions

February 23 0 Comments Category: Business

How are customer segments (types of users) defined in the news business? How divergent do the numbers get when looking at print vs. magazine vs. online? Pew seems to have a lot of information in this regard — are there other options I’m missing? What are the best new ways of reaching customers with surveys? […]

Finger paint your business model

February 23 0 Comments Category: Business

I was initially leery about the book Business Model Generation, thinking it had far too many pictures and not enough numbers, but the interactive Canvas concept won me over. We are way overdue on brainstorming our business model, but upon re-reading the first chapter, I realize this is something we have to do soon. We’ve […]

The Problem we’re solving

February 20 0 Comments Category: Business

The onslaught of online news can be overwhelming. We aim to corral your online content and give you a better way to curate it. Instead of scanning websites, blogs, Facebook, Twitter, and RSS feeds, we’ll provide tools to help you prioritize your incoming stream — so you can find what’s most important to you.

The Perfect Birth of the Politico Machine

February 16 1 Comment Category: Business, Uncategorized

Although John Harris and Jim VandeHei were obviously gifted with foresight, they were also blessed with some serious luck. In 2006, I don’t think the internet iceberg’s full impact on the advertising-bloated news machine had fully sunk in. In retrospect, their leap of faith into a homemade raft seems like a self-evident pursuit. But even […]