Visualize Whirled Piece

May 26 0 Comments Category: TechObservations

Art is blending with science for practical reasons — ¬†from incorporating art into education to the worshipping of beautiful data. In the media, graphic visualizations have become par for the course, almost de riguer. Analytics are usually displayed with Tufte imprints.

Even our geeky server analytics software makes an effort to use colors and spacing to be more easily readable. And Google Analytics shows us our web traffic so it’s easy to understand.

Since our company is all about making it easier to visualize data, we’d like to eventually provide some amount of visualization of a user’s profile. Whether through word clouds or pie charts, we’re thinking users will appreciate seeing their world neatly quantified.

We’ve thought of some ideas about how to help users visualize the data we see — to help them help us help them create a better picture of who they are. It’s such a lovely feedback loop.

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