U/X UI U-turn

May 26 0 Comments Category: TechObservations

Since neither of us cofounders have a design background, it’s easy to think of U/X as being the magic potion that will transform all our heavy backend code into a magical wonderland of exploration and user interaction.

Our resident U/X expert Hong says not to hold our breaths.

Like our web service itself, building a good user experience is a slow and careful plodding through familiar webscapes to avoid startling the user into being confused. To introduce innovation requires incremental iteration. By slowly leading users into seeing your interface your way, you can help them to the light.

For now, we’re building a very simple web interface that requires very little explanation, but we can see that soon we’ll have to figure out how to abstract and compress features so that the interface doesn’t clutter up. It’s a difficult dance, figuring out what’s being buried unnecessarily vs. being promoted for no good reason.


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