Optimizing the End Game

May 26 0 Comments Category: TechObservations

SEO = Gaming Google, pretty much. Is it truly possible in any meaningful way?

Although plenty of marketing and software consultants have built their bacon on convincing their clients that they can do that, it’s often just an incremental gain. For technology companies who are providing a product, it might not make sense to spend the energy, time, and/or money to pursue a deep SEO solution.

Google, after all, is probably on to you.

The best SEO strategy is to build a solid product with a core group of users that evangelize your product for you. This way, instead of chasing after how to worm your way up the list, you can concentrate on what you know best.

Optimizing for the web is a larger issue. Besides tuning websites to load and display properly across browsers and devices, it’s also important to take advantage of the kinds of technologies that make your company seem on top of the times. For a technology company purporting to be on the cutting edge of finding you the best news, for example, it doesn’t make sense to not use web development options like HTML5’s in-browser caching, or Ajax capabilities that make it easier to verify user data in place.

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