Front End Web Stuff is Hard

May 26 0 Comments Category: TechObservations

The hardest part for us was the design. Because of our lack of design background, we put off building a prototype until way too late. We should have had a dummy interface ready a long time ago. Lesson learned.

That being said, having a dummy interface that doesn’t really serve any data isn’t all that helpful. Once we started filling it even with faulty or suspect data, the prototype got a lot more real. Suddenly, we could see the product and its future a lot more clearly. So the lesson learned was less about working off any old interface, and more about identifying early what’s necessary to have a basic one up and running.

For now, we’re setting up a browser-based product. We use the most basic HTML, CSS, and JavaScript that will easily work across various browsers. Once we’re ready to address mobile solutions, we’ll decide if ┬áit’s easier to serve HTML5 and CSS3 or to build a native iOS app. But it looks like mobile browsers are only getting easier to use and closer to looking native, so there’s no real benefit to developing on so many different platforms.


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