Indrani Datta is building a web startup while completing her degree in journalism.

U/X UI U-turn

May 26 0 Comments

Since neither of us cofounders have a design background, it’s easy to think of U/X as being the magic potion that will transform all our heavy backend code into a magical wonderland of exploration and user interaction. Our resident U/X expert Hong says not to hold our breaths. Like our web service itself, building a […]

HTML5 is Coming for iOS

May 26 0 Comments

For an internet content or technology company, one of the most important decisions involves figuring out whether to go mobile. Online publishing is such a dead end game that it seems to make the most sense to branch into tablet or smart phones with apps that can be charged for rather than sticking with the […]

Visualize Whirled Piece

May 26 0 Comments

Art is blending with science for practical reasons — ¬†from incorporating art into education to the worshipping of beautiful data. In the media, graphic visualizations have become par for the course, almost de riguer. Analytics are usually displayed with Tufte imprints. Even our geeky server analytics software makes an effort to use colors and spacing […]

Optimizing the End Game

May 26 0 Comments

SEO = Gaming Google, pretty much. Is it truly possible in any meaningful way? Although plenty of marketing and software consultants have built their bacon on convincing their clients that they can do that, it’s often just an incremental gain. For technology companies who are providing a product, it might not make sense to spend […]

No Way But the Ad Way

May 26 0 Comments

Although online digital advertising grew 14% last year to nearly $26 billion, it’s still a limited pool. For most journalism businesses, whether content or aggregator, it’s the only viable alternative for now. Subscriptions can’t hope to meet costs, and events, though lucrative, only apply to a small swath of producers. Freemium and trial periods are […]

Boring Videos are Useless

May 26 0 Comments

Almost every tech company with a complex product has a video introduction to it. Ideally, we’d like to make the product user-friendly enough not to need a video. But unless you can rely on canonical layouts and features (like clicking on links or checking settings for preference options) or a very simple product, it is […]

Front End Web Stuff is Hard

May 26 0 Comments

The hardest part for us was the design. Because of our lack of design background, we put off building a prototype until way too late. We should have had a dummy interface ready a long time ago. Lesson learned. That being said, having a dummy interface that doesn’t really serve any data isn’t all that […]

The Cloud is Not All That

May 26 0 Comments

Everyone talks about how the barrier to entry for hacking out a space on the internet is dropping. But while the technology has certainly gotten more accessible for the casual consumer, the saturation of internet namespaces, the proliferation of web companies, and the standardization of web kits has made it harder to stand out as […]

Naming sucks.

April 09 0 Comments

Name your baby as soon as possible so you don’t start hating it for not having a name.

Another Click in the Wall

March 17 2 Comments

The long-anticipated New York Times metered paywall news has some troubling aspects.